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Simplify Transport Communication

Our story

The founders of Sophy had to arrange and organize truck transports on daily basis. The same monotonous tasks were repeated . The simplest information had to be passed through many hands. Sophy was founded to simplify all of these activities: simplify transport communication.



Our vision is to simplify the life of everyone involved in a truck transport. Starting with the driver, to the forwarder and carrier, all the way to the warehouse and customer - we want to make everyday life easier for everyone, so that you can focus on the important things.


We are obsessed with good technology that only has one purpose: to simplify communication between stakeholders within the whole transport process.

Who are we

How does it work?


All actors of the transport

Sophy Mobile simplifies processes and communication across companies. Sub-freighters, customers, warehouses - all parties get the information via the Sophy Mobile platform easily and without registration. We automate your processes and simplify communication.

Virtual passenger

With the intuitive and simple mobile app the truck driver becomes a part of Sophy Mobile. The driver receives all the relevant information directly into the cabin and you become a virtual passenger!

How it works
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