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Forwarder & Carrier

Give your customers the best service and simplify your internal & external communication processes!

Service for your customers
  • Your customer will receive a link by email and can follow the transport
  • Automatic status updates

  • Tracking access for your customers

  • Live-Chat with all parties

  • Automatic translation

  • Automatic transfer of freightdocuments

  • Transparent and traceable claim/damage processing

  • With the mobile app, you and your customer sit in the passenger seat 

Save your time!
  • Automatic disclosure of information to your customers, partners and drivers - if so wanted

  • The truck driver receives all important information and documents directly via the mobile app

  • Track your trucks via the mobile app

  • Upload of transport documents by the driver - immediate invoicing possible

  • Archiving of transport documents


  • You decide who receives the information

  • Are your trucks on time? Are the trucks where they should be?

  • Automatic delivery note for your customer

Easy with your webbrowser and the simple mobile app 



  • Process optimization by our logistic consultants

  • 24h/7  Support

  • Service / Maintenance package

  • Trainings & webinars to learn more!

We are also happy to offer you an individual API integration!

*prices per Month

Let's go!

Try it out yourself - test free of charge for 30 days!

Contact us to get more information and a nonbinding offer!

Tel: +43 660 6916145

Sophy Mobile GmbH

Gusshausstrasse 18/1c

1040 Wien


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